Keeping the world protected by offering the best quality gloves

Our Story Keeping the world protected by offering the best quality gloves

GMT Group was established more than two decades ago to introduce top-quality, medical and examination gloves to the world.

Since then, GMT has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of disposable and household gloves for healthcare, food & heavy industry markets. Today the company ships gloves to more than 30 countries worldwide.

What makes GMT Group stand out from the competition is the strong, built on trust, relationships between rubber producers, glove manufacturers and clients.

Headquartered in Singapore, in the heart of the Region, we have developed a strong network of qualified producers and manufacturers, to ensure first-rate results.

Today, 97% of the world’s natural rubber is produced in Southeastern Asia and we make sure we get the best drops!

Whether a glove is made of Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR) or Polyvinyl Chloride Polymers (PVC), we make sure that it meets the highest standards for ultimate protection and safety.

Contrary to the “One fits all” approach, we offer a wide range of specialized products for different applications covering from household to healthcare and heavy-duty needs.

Mass production of plastic gloves
We know that feeling safe takes more than just a glove

We know that feeling safe takes more than just a glove

GMT’s dedicated team of experts offer advisory services and support at every step throughout the supply and distribution chain.

A set of advanced services offered, secure strict raw material procurement, production quality control, product classification, competitive pricing, safe transportation, compliance to international regulations, even compelling branding when needed.

The combination of high-quality products and high-end customer services, keep our long list of clients happy and reassured and us, more motivated to become better every day.

For us, at GMT Group, success is measured by building long-lasting partnerships based on integrity, reliability and trust.

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