Latex comes from trees

Sustainability A clear choice for us

For GMT Sustainable Development is the only way forward. Protecting the environment and the communities that depend on us is not just a thought, but a commitment.

At GMT we take specific actions towards supply chain waste management and fair trade. We choose our partnerships based on social and environmental criteria, making sure that every producer and manufacturer we collaborate with follows strict work environment ethics and sustainability practices.

Latex is a natural, renewable material, its production is sustainable and carbon negative. Latex glove production follows specific stages that ensure high-quality results.

Collection of latex from the rubber trees
Collection of latex
from the rubber trees

Processing and mixing with preservatives
and mixing with

Dipping process
Dipping process


Quality control
Quality control


Production stages

It all starts from the rubber trees plantations found in Asia… After the trees reach 6 to 7 years of age, rubber farmers carefully make incisions in the bark and expose the latex vessels that grow in a spiral around them, then they collect the fluid in vessels in a process called "tapping".

After collection, latex is transferred to processing stations where it gets washed and mixed with preservatives. Latex raw material is then converted by gloves manufacturers, passing from tanks to special hand molds and from drying process to stripping. Finally, comes the quality control, where a certain percentage of gloves, depending on requested AQL level, passes through tensile and water leak testing. Strength and pinholes are carefully checked.

Then, the gloves are moved to packing station to be loaded and shipped to their final destination.

Rubber trees plantations
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